Our Range

Actom Mechanical Equipment has a wide variety of locally manufactured and imported heaters for both industrial and domestic applications e.g wall mounted fan heaters, wall mounted convection heaters, skirting board heaters and infrared zone heaters.

WH Fan Range

The Industrial Fan Heater is a wall mounted, robust, easy to install, adjustable heater fan.
It provides an instant heat pattern which can be adjusted to heat selected areas or give total coverage.

IRQ Range

The Sunwave Infrared Heater is an efficient and cost effective way to heat an area OR a person.
Stand sold separately.
Available in 2kw and 3kw.


Sunquartz Range

The Sunquartz shortwave infrared heater is the clean, silent, efficient and cost effective way to heat a person or object.
The tilt mounting allows the gentle heat rays to be focused at the specific area to be heated.

NDM Range

This versatile and attractive heater can be used in a wide variety of environments, including domestic, work and leisure. It provides silent clean heating that won’t dry the air. Heater is IP24 (splash proof) approved and can be installed in a bathroom.